July 2010

Why you should eat yourself

July 24, 2010

2009 review [pdf] I’d like to say a few words about one of the hottest and, in my view, most important areas in biomedicine: autophagy, a process crucial to health, disease, and aging. Autophagy research is expanding rapidly. In autophagy (“self eating”), cells engulf and digest their own macromolecules and organelles. Autophagy serves two functions: […]

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Super Battery!!!

July 14, 2010

A benchmark for judging hype: WSU Researchers Use Super-high Pressures to Create Super Battery The researchers created the material on the Pullman campus…The cell contained xenon difluoride (XeF2), a white crystal used to etch silicon conductors, squeezed between two small diamond anvils….The researchers eventually increased the pressure to more than a million atmospheres, comparable to […]

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“The China Study” Considered Harmful

July 11, 2010

An influential study of diet and health has been exploded here. The data and the conclusions don’t just disagree, they aren’t even on speaking terms. Meanwhile, randomized intervention trials indicate that advice on the perils of saturated fat has been wrong. I suggest some reforms.

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Next up: Asteroids

July 4, 2010

Soon after Earth’s life first touched the Moon, NASA promised to make spaceflight routine and inexpensive, and I began studying the prospects for space as a genuine frontier. Geologists had analyzed the new, hard-won lunar samples, and I read up on the results in the local college library. Not nice: almost no carbon, nitrogen, or […]

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Arctic sea ice yesterday

July 3, 2010

In 2007, the area of Arctic sea ice reached a record low. By comparison, here’s the current story:    National Snow and Ice Data Center Looks low by about 4 standard deviations. (Yes, too much geophysics & climate…)

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