Transforming the Material Basis of Civilization
(TEDx talk, take #2)

August 30, 2013

Here’s take #2 of my recent Lisbon TEDx talk. The earlier post linked a version of the talk (take #1, morning) in which the slides often wouldn’t advance and got skipped; I now have the video of the noon redo with debugged visuals: If you’ve linked to the earlier version, please update. If not, then […]

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My TEDx video now online

July 13, 2013

The Instituto Superior Técnico has posted the video of my TEDx talk here. IST hosted the event, while the US embassy in Lisbon arranged my visit and lectures at several universities.

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Interview for CSPAN’S Book TV

March 13, 2013

I just got back from a half-hour interview in London with Book TV, a CSPAN show that features discussions with authors of new books. I’m told that they rarely do books on science and technology, but they made an exception for Radical Abundance. More when I know when the interview will air.

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Nanotechnology at Lloyd’s of London

May 30, 2012

Where the action is at Lloyd’s There’s a now a video of a talk that I gave at Lloyd’s of London, a unique, global insurance institution founded in 1688. The Financial Services and Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Networks (in collaboration with the Lighthill Risk Network) hosted the talk, and I directed my remarks primarily to insurance […]

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Video of my talk
at the Moscow Polytechnical Museum

December 23, 2011

A video of my talk at the Moscow Polytechnical Museum is now on YouTube. I gave this talk on advanced nanotechnology prospects to an audience drawn from local technical universities during my recent Moscow visit.

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Video of my Oxford nanotechnology lecture

December 7, 2011

I recently gave the Inaugural Lecture for the Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology at the Oxford Martin School, and the lecture video is now available.* The talk describes the application of physical law and exploratory engineering to studies of the future potential of nanotechnology. Summary here: News & Research Highlights. * With thanks […]

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Fukushima — where are the Parrots?

March 24, 2011

Here are two Monirobo robotic machines — radiation-hard, 2.4 km/hr, 600 kg robots, recently arrived on site: These probably aren’t very good at exploring wrecked buildings, viewing fuel storage pools obscured explosion debris, sampling smoke plumes rising from (?), etc. Here’s a Parrot AR.Drone — iPhone controlled, resistant to multiply-lethal radiation doses [update: > 10 […]

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Molecular machine animations
in the New York Times

November 16, 2010

The New York Times has an article, “Where Cinema and Biology Meet”, on the recent high-quality animations of biomolecular machines. The author, Erik Olsen, highlights Drew Barry as the Steven Spielberg of the field: Mr. Berry’s work is revered for artistry and accuracy within the small community of molecular animators, and has also been shown […]

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Most popular posts, continued…

November 18, 2009

Video: A digitally controlled molecular machine (>3 billion years of patchwork) A few weeks ago, I highlighted some of the most popular posts in Metamodern’s first year (see “Knowledge about Knowledge…”). Posts that offer videos, documents, or talk slides also ranked high: With downloadable documents and talk slides: Molecular Nanomachines: Physical Principles and Implementation Strategies […]

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Agile robots, dexterous robots (with videos)

August 27, 2009

“Big Dog”: An agile quadruped robotClimbing a hill.     Slipping on ice. Climbing down.     The leap. (See potentially disturbing video) Brought to you by Boston Dynamics and DARPA A fast, dexterous robotic hand The hand.    Motion blur. The toss.    The catch. (See potentially disturbing video) Brought to you by the Ishikawa Komuro […]

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Productive Nanosystems: The Ribosome Videos

July 16, 2009

The ribosome diagrammed The ribosome in reality(see video below) While browsing the literature on the catalysis of bond formation in protein synthesis by ribosomes*, I came across a wonderful set of videos of the ribosomal protein manufacturing system at work, shown in recent-state-of-the-art molecular detail. These videos were presented in a Chemical & Engineering News […]

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What is simple?
Polyethylene, molecular modeling,
and molecular machines

July 8, 2009

A simple molecular chain A 2D simplification of its typical complex, disordered, 3D structure A scientist recently remarked to me that molecular modeling techniques cannot accurately predict the mechanical properties of typical polymers, even one as simple as polyethylene, a hydrocarbon consisting of long chains of –(CH2)– units. He was, I think, suggesting that molecular […]

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